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Sinopsis de SLINGSHOT 8

Lauderdale President Henry Wade Smith V won the War of Reunification in the Spared Territory&rsquo,s 70th year. Year 72 finds &ldquo,Harry&rdquo, bored and antsy. Such is not the case for his lovely wife, Colbert President Catherine Ragland Smith, &ldquo,Cate&rdquo, thrives under the peaceful challenges of family and government.&nbsp, Given the ST&rsquo,s dwindling resources and pent up citizenry, Harry assembles a scientific team to explore The Old World. His optimistic goals of discovery, expansion, and prosperity are cast aside after a terrifying force strikes from beyond the Northern Wall.&nbsp, True to form, Harry and Cate embrace the challenge. She assumes all administrative duties freeing him to alter his Old World team&rsquo,s structure and mission.&nbsp, Hurried personnel changes form a streamlined half-platoon of sixteen intrepid Lauderdale warriors tasked to pursue a fierce adversary in a primeval land. Leaving no doubt as to the changed nature of their mission, Harry reactivates a storied callsign for his troop. Slingshot 8 mounts up and rides north.&nbsp, What threats await them among Tennessee&rsquo,s burgeoning forests and decaying structures?_,
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