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A person’s handwriting reveals something about who they aretheir intellect perspectives natural abilities and hidden aptitudes It’s also a form of expression that sends a message about how they want to be seen by others In our lives and world things are not as they are by accident They’re written in a specific way and the size placement direction and pressure of strokes has everything to do with the One who signed His name on it allThe Signature of God is about a God who reveals who He is through the beauty and intricacy of creation He’s signed His name on all He made and the purpose in it is nothing short of miraculous Nature the universe and God’s interaction with us through His creation say much about Him and how He feels about us If we look carefully at His writing we realize that He’s always given us a way to know His character and heartIn this book of Christian apologetics and personal reflection Rhonda Dawes Milner delves into her experiences as a physician therapist spiritual director and mother to show us the significance and meaning of God’s signature in our lives and in the world
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