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Sinopsis de SEOUL FOOD
ISBN: 9780990775010 Géneros: Sinópsis: Seoul Food is a creative nonfiction book about the lives of secondgeneration Korean Americans growing up in Los Angeles County–the Mecca for the diversity of cultures Targeting a young adult readership Seoul Food captures snapshots of Korean lifestyles and the sometimes shameful dysfunctional family dynamics created by the disconnect between Koreanborn parents and their Americanborn children The book not only infuses the work with credibility but also brings to light quintessential aspects including universal issues confronting much youth of many cultures Stories of Korean Americans’ private experiences may go unnoticed or their lives may be misinterpreted Most often the media portray Koreans as the model minority Seoul Food wittingly and subtly unpacks these perceptions with a candidness and humor that will cause readers to rethink their assumptions As Korean music drama culture and food have spiced the lives of many people across the globe Seoul Food is a literary work that will find its home in your heart
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