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It took Klara ten years to become a Sentinel warrior. It took her half-brother four days to get her kicked out.Klara went through hell to prove herself as a warrior, and then her brother turns up, desperate and on the run from the tyrannical Alchemist Guild. All he asks is for Klara to sacrifice her future for him&hellip,As Klara fights to survive a dragon invasion, the Alchemists search for an excuse to attack the Sentinels. If Klara helps her fugitive brother, she&rsquo,ll give the Alchemists the justification they seek and doom her country to war.Sentinel Code&nbsp,is the first novel in the adrenaline-fuelled Dragon Striker Chronicles. If you love fantasy packed with no-apologies-action, feuding families and nightmarish dragons, then you&rsquo,ll love Dan Van Werkhoven&rsquo,s debut novel,&nbsp,Sentinel Code.Buy&nbsp,Sentinel Code&nbsp,today to join Klara as she&rsquo,s forced to choose between the future of her nation and saving her brother._,
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