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ISBN: 9781951429058 Géneros: Sinópsis: SelfDiscipline 2 Book BundleThis box set includesSelfDiscipline 32 Small Changes to Create a Life Long Habit of SelfDiscipline LaserSharp Focus and Extreme ProductivityStoicism Introduction to The Stoic Way of LifeScience shows that people with selfdiscipline are happier with their lives They are successful in almost all areas of life physically mentally socially and even financially And the good news is selfdiscipline isnt some lucky mutation that people are randomly blessed with at birth It is cultivated It is learnedIt might seem impossible with what the traditional notions of discipline that are always associated with austerity But the truth is anyone can learn it This boxset is developed precisely to help the average person build a lifelong habit of disciplineIn the second book we will go over the ancient philosophy of Stoicism Too often we find that we arent able to control our lives control the events that go on or even control the people and how they act But with Stoicism we learn that we can control some things such as our emotions and our reactions and this can help to lead us to happinessIn this book you will discoverStepbystep easytofollow guides for boosting selfawareness so you can recognize and fight distractionsLittle things that you need to stop doing or thinking because they damage your productivity and forbearanceExercises that build inner strength and characterThe changes in mindsets that you need to make in order to reinforce selfdisciplineWays to manage temptation and maintain focusTechniques and practices that will enable you to stay on trackWhat is StoicismRecognizing the things that are under your controlHow to conform to your own realityUnderstanding how your emotions workThe importance of freedom of willLearning how to be calm when there is adversity aroundLearning how to make the best of all situationsHow to use stoicism in order to make your life betterHow to use the process of
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