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Sinopsis de SCORCHING

A shocking revelation a secret pregnancy an indecent proposal A standalone contemporary romanceAt his friend’s wedding Paul Gilbert meets Holly Foster and is enchanted with her After one amazing night in her arms he finds out that Holly is a professional escort He feels deceived and rejects her However when his wealthy family tries to pressure him into marrying an heiress he has no interest in he enlists Holly’s help But is Holly more than he can handleWhile Holly is devastated by Paul’s rejection she finds she has a bigger problem to deal with an unexpected pregnancy When Paul contacts her out of the blue can she accept his unusual offer for the sake of her unborn child or must she decline it because she fears she won’t be able to keep their new relationship all business when her heart and her body long for something far more personal…NOTE Scorching was previously published under the title One foolish NightThe Hamptons Bachelor Club contemporary romance Teasing Enticing Beguiling Scorching Alluring SizzlingScanguards Vampires Series Book 1 Samson39s Lovely Mortal Book 2 Amaury39s Hellion Book 3 Gabriel39s Mate Book 4 Yvette39s Haven Book 5 Zane39s Redemption Book 6 Quinn39s Undying Rose Book 7 Oliver39s Hunger Book 8 Thomas39s Choice Book 8 12 Silent Bite A Scanguards Wedding Book 9 Cain39s Identity Book 10 Luther39s Return Novella Mortal Wish Book 11 Blake39s Pursuit Book 11 12 Fateful Reunion Book 12 John39s YearningStealth Guardians Series Lover Uncloaked 1 Master Unchained 2 Warrior Unraveled 3 Guardian Undone 4 Immortal Unveiled 5 Protector Unmatched 6 preorderVenice Vampyr Novella Series Venice Vampyr 1 Venice Vampyr 2 Final Affair Venice Vampyr 3 Sinful Treasure Venice Vampyr 4 Sensual Danger Venice Vampyr 5 Wicked Seduction by Michele HaufOut of Olympus Series A romantic comedy series about Greek Gods Book 1 A Touch of Greek Book 2 A Scent of Greek Book 3 A Taste of Greek Book 4 A Hush of Greek
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Narrativa española

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