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Spiritual warfare is not a church fad Rather it is the rediscovery of biblical Christianity Furthermore one will not grasp what the Bible teaches until one comprehends what it affirms about spiritual warfare In truth spiritual warfare permeates the entire Bible When one learns to read the Scriptures through the lens of spiritual warfare one will discern the mission of God understand the kingdom of God and be able to participate in the work of God As a professional theologian seminary professor and spiritual warfare practitioner Bill Payne believes that the church will not make disciples of all nations Matthew 281820 until it operationalizes what the Bible teaches about spiritual warfare As it orients the reader to the spiritual warfare mandate Satan Exposed tackles the difficult passages of Scripture In short this book will change how you read the Bible how you understand reality and how you do ministry This is an exceptional book on a subject that needs to be taken much more seriously by Western Protestantism As a biblicaltheological followup to his previous work Dr Payne unabashedly deals with basic questions about the presence of supernatural beings in this natural universe and the veracity of spiritual warfare W Joseph Stallings theologian pastor and Christian evidential apologist Dr Payne provides us with a scholarly and accessible study in demonology that is both balanced and unapologetic regarding the nature and work of evil spirits The demonic is often ignored or dismissed in academia and the local church We need to begin by adopting a biblical worldview on these matters Paynes work serves as a primer for such a task Peter J Bellini Associate Professor of Evangelization and Church Renewal in the Heisel Chair United Theological Seminary Christians have studied and struggled with the forces of evil from the beginning Yet few have reflected more broadly on the origin and development of these beliefs Satan Exposed offers a theology of spiritual warfare t
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