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ISBN: 9781951035136 Géneros: Sinópsis: Discover the key to living in an RV as a senior citizen on social security incomeAre you a senior citizen contemplating living the RV lifeHave you had the longing to live in the great outdoors but could never do so before retiringDoes living the RV life call to you but you feel like you are constricted by your social security checksI George Lee will share the secrets of living in an RV full time as a senior citizen using just your social security incomeThat39s right folks The RV lifestyle is a possibility for you and there are many others like me that live the same wayNote This book contains 2 manuscripts in 1 bookBook 1 Retire Into an RV with Social Security How To Use Social Security To Live In An RV Full TimeBook 2 RV Living for Senior Citizens How to Start and Manage Full Time RV Living as a Retiree Over the age of 60In this book you will discover• How to figure out your monthly RVing budget based on your social security income• The most costeffective way to buy an RV which can save you more than 1000• 1 key budgeting tip to help you manage RV living on a small income• How RVing can help you pay off debt and avoid it completely• The 1 state to register your RV• 4 different ways to receive mail when you are living in an RV• How to choose the best healthcare options and plans as an RVing senior and retiree• The secrets of finding urgent healthcare on the road• 10 different working opportunities for senior citizens to earn money on the roadThis guide has an emphasis on covering the most fundamental aspects for elderly RVers the topics of getting started RVing hasslefree managing your health on the road and earning budgeting your money to suit your RV lifestyleHere are the answers to some questions you might have about this bookQ What is this book aboutA This book is a 2in1 guide to living in an RV for retired senior citizens and people who are dependent on social security incomeQ Can I affor
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