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Sinopsis de RUN TO YOU
His mission was to protect her not fall in loveOnce a celebrated model Evelyn Beckham dominated the fashion runways of New York Paris and Milan But life under the lights nearly destroyed her and at the height of her career she walked away from it all Now five years later Eve’s built a new life at the helm of Manhattan’s premier highend lingerie boutique L’opale Chosen to design the bridal ensemble for billionaire Dominic Baine’s fiancee Avery Ross it seems Eve’s stars have finally realigneduntil her return to the spotlight thrusts her into the crosshairs of a danger that’s been watching from the shadows waiting for the chance to strikeGabriel Noble didn’t go to war to become a hero but when he returned from the battlefield in Afghanistan it was with a chest full of medals and a broken body filled with shrapnel Losing his leg derailed more than Gabe’s career and when no one else was willing to take a chance on him Baine International put him on their security team Now Gabe would do anything for Dominic Baineincluding keeping a covert protective eye on beautiful Evelyn Beckham as a personal favor to his boss and friend But keeping Eve safe means keeping her close and soon the lines between duty and desire begin to blur into a consuming passion too powerful to be denied With Eve’s life in escalating peril and her faith in him certain to shatter Gabe will have to risk everything to protect her while facing the most intense fight of his life the battle for Eve’s heartLara Adrian’s sizzling suspenseful 100 Series continues with Run to You an intensely romantic new standalone contemporary bodyguard romance featuring friends of billionaire Dominic Baine and his artist fiancee Avery Ross
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