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ISBN: 9781945698330 Géneros: Sinópsis: Change is not a constant The velocity of change in our world is growing at an exponential rate making it a variable  Rogue Leadership looks at the Biblical narrative of Nehemiah’s change management Ancient wisdom to help you become the Change Hero your organization needs today   Most leaders are trained for challenges that will be irrelevant in a few short years   Are you ready to lead in an organizational structure that does not yet exist Are you ready for a core shift Andy was National Organizational Effectiveness Manager for PDI AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals and Ranbaxy Labs He possesses extensive experience and research as a turnaround specialist for 501c3’s with decades of service to churches and nonprofits Time to go Rogue     Andy Albertini is a former VP of Development for GAiN®  Also a former National Sales Training Manager for Ranbaxy Labs and AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals he possesses extensive experience as a turnaround specialist for 501c3’s with decades of service to nonprofits   Born and raised in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia Andy has been married to the love of his life Stephanie for over 23 years They have 2 children Gabriel and Regan He considers being a husband and father the greatest joy of his life   Andy has a Master’s degree in Transformational Leadership from Barclay College and is the owner of the A2 Consulting group
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