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Sinopsis de ROGUE AGENT

Time and space won t stop Seth Langdon from eliminating his target… In the year 2040, futuristic hit man Seth Langdon travels the world by rifts in time, carving a successful career in murdering corrupt men and women. He s the top assassin working for the elite underground agency, Haroun. If you ve killed one scumbag, you ve killed them all… During a routine assignment in Oklahoma, Seth carries out a hit on an arms smuggler, David Bloom. But after the job is done, Seth can t shake the feeling something is very wrong. He s left haunted by the memory, but what made Bloom so different than Seth s other targets? Then his next assignment rolls in… After a coveted promotion, Seth becomes an Expult agent-an assassin with the freedom and rights to eliminate specific targets. For his first official hit with the new job title, he s ordered to kill animal activist Terra Bloom, daughter of David Bloom. Regardless of Seth s guilt over killing her father, she s just another target…or is she? Seth s moral compass spins out of control as inner struggles clash with his dedication to the job. When his decisions leads to tragic consequences, Seth and Terra embark on a journey, fleeing from the very organisation Seth dedicated his life to. When a trained killer falls for his mark, he ll use every resource to protect her-even if he s deemed a Rogue Agent._,
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