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The ripple effect of World War Two good bad and ugly spread far and deep in BritainVeronica feared she would be too old to marry or ever bear children until she met Richard a handsome RAF pilot He persuaded her to marry before he went to war She was jealous when her sister Rachel produced an illegitimate child from an unknown fatherThe Blitz bombing from the Germans left much of the London in ruins Before the onslaught Veronica arranged for the evacuation of Rachel39s daughter Susie to live with her in the country Rachel was presumed killed by a bomb in the Blitz so Susie grew up thinking Veronica was her mother and the absent Richard her fatherVeronica similar to many other women left alone learned new survival skills with the deprivation of rationing She learned to love Susie as her own Loneliness with warforced separation from her husband took a toll on her After d Day and Victory In Europe Day when the war ended Richard returned to a wife and an adopted child he barely knew They struggled to adjust to each other Richard39s alcoholism and outbursts of aggression as sideeffects of battle fatigue PTSD began to alienate Veronica and SusieVeronica despaired when the family appeared to disintegrate The truth emerged about Richard39s issues and Veronica39s and Rachel39s guilt and secrecy Compassion for each other softened the anger The family began to reconnect and forgive Susie an opinionated teenager began to accept but not forgive Thus a sequel
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