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They said it could never happen They were wrong…dead wrongBut how Are there more Where are they Who is responsibleA new enemy scheming and evil has risen determined to destroy Capitalism A conspiracy by one wealthy autocrat cunning traitors and a madman have launched a terrifying plan to annihilate America from within America39s strategic nuclear forces have been scrambled Can anyone stop the calamity that is about to envelope the entire worldIn the hairraising sequel to the heartpounding thriller Edge of Madness Zach Templeton is plunged into yet another chilling race against the clock as the United States teeters on the brink of global nuclear warZach Templeton must uncover the truth and identify the perpetrators before the conflict escalates and becomes unstoppable Maybe days or perhaps only hours remain before it will be too late Can he stop it Even if he does what will it cost himIn the novel RAGE Keith Hoar weaves the horrifying and unthinkable into a holdyourbreath story almost too terrifying to tell Terrifying because it is an all too real possibilityRAGE is a holdyourbreath pageturner that will transport you beyond the mundane and plunge you headlong into a world of deception treason betrayal murder and pure evilDon39t miss the feverpitched action believable characters and crisp dialog contained in Book 2 of the Zach Templeton Thriller series An irresistible can39tputitdown thriller How will it end
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