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ISBN: 9781948601054 Géneros: Sinópsis: Though her brutal husband is imprisoned Amelia must navigate the hostile political climate or else face banishment or execution  Despite saving the nation Amelia remains incapable of satisfying the demands of the Libyshan leadership Amelia fights to stand firm in her calling and her convictions while struggling to find a solution that leaves Libysha whole restores the interdimensional portals and removes Naatos and his shapeshifting brothers to a place where they can do no harm The Machat warn that these shapeshifters can only be held for a brief period but an enraged populace and spiteful elder commander desire vengeance and block Amelia at every turn Her bond to Naatos and his family makes her a traitor unless she does precisely as they say Time counts down and soon Naatos and his brothers will be free to wreak bloody vengeance on Libysha before resuming their plans of universal dominance Amelia must embrace being a traitor in the eyes of her own people to save them while also untangle her feelings for the man who has claimed her as his wife
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