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ISBN: 9781946345028 Género: Sinópsis: lpglemgCrushes collide at a magical underwater dance.l/emgl/pglpgAs best friend and emissary to her mer kingdomarsquo;s princess, Periwinkle Wentletrap juggles many responsibilities. At the moment those include getting the princess (and herself) ready for the upcoming Sea Harvest Dance.l/pglpgWhen a trip to the Thalassinian marketplace for pearls and dress-making supplies leads to a reunion with her long-time crush, Peri is once again caught up in the swirl of emotions she feels for a thoughtful pearl trader who reminds her of a dashing pirate.l/pglpgBut things are never simple with Riatus Ballenato. The shadows of his past have come back to haunt him and he will do anything to keep those he cares about from getting caught in the darkness. Even if that means pushing away the girl hearsquo;s falling for.l/pglpgWith the dance fast approaching, it might take a little outside help to bring Peri and her crush together at last.l/pglpglstronggPretty in Pearlsl/strongg is a standalone novella in Tera Lynn Childsarsquo;s popular Forgive My Fins series. If you like mermaids, romance, and boys who make you swoon, youarsquo;ll love the world of Thalassinia and the merfolk (and occasional human) who live, laugh, and love in this underwater realm.l/pglpglemgBuy this fintastic tale and get swept away with the romance today!l/emgl/pg
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