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Colonel Julius Montclair saved Washington from annihilation. He foiled the plot of a secretive group called the Cabal, but he didn&rsquo,t finish them. He&rsquo,s about to find out what they&rsquo,ve been doing. Colonel Julius Montclair, hero of the Battle of the Potomac and the Savior of Washington. The youngest airship commander in the Union fleet, a man burdened by his own fame. Only he has the experience and skill to go behind enemy lines on one more deadly mission. Only this time, he&rsquo,ll be forced to confront the ghosts of his past. Ghosts that still have the power to kill. Scarlet, the fiery-haired assassin, must confront the rot within the ranks of the Department of Strategic Intelligence. She and her minder have a plan to go into the belly of the beast and deliver justice to a traitor, one of their own, but they&rsquo,re not the only ones steeped in decades of intrigue. Can they defeat a man who knows every move they will make? Abe, fresh out of Indoctrination and earning the moniker The Bookkeeper, is saddled with a minder who is a drunk at best, a traitor at worst. He&rsquo,ll have to figure out a way to work with the man and keep them both alive long enough to pull off a dangerous mission. Vince Flynn&rsquo,s political thrillers meet the creative technology of Jules Verne._,
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