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The book begins with a review of coating fundamentals including the evolution of coating technology and the principles for coating formulation Guidelines for coating design selection and application are presented The structure of a coating system and the highperformance coating’s essential properties and characteristics are covered in detail Some standard testing methods for determining and evaluating coating properties are includedCoatings used in the oilgas pipeline industry are then covered Generally pipeline coatings are divided into two categories plantapplied and fieldapplied coatings The authors describe primary coatings in both categories such as coal tar asphalt PE liquid epoxy FBE and highperformance composite coating HPCC as well as fieldapplied liquid coatings ie tape coatings shrink sleeve wax mastics and many others in terms of their structures properties products and applicationsCoating failures encountered on pipelines in the field are reviewed including an analysis of its effect on pipeline integrity Both permeable coatings and impermeable coatings receive particular attention and their interactions with CP are discussed The shielding effect of coating failures under a variety of scenarios is included to provide an understanding of this industryimportant problem The tests and results described in this chapter come from the authors’ research activities This firsthand information provides recommendations to the industry for avoiding incompatibility between pipeline coating candidates and CPStress corrosion cracking SCC has been a primary mechanism resulting in pipeline failure It has been acknowledged that SCC occurrence is subject to coating failures The authors focus on mechanistic aspects of the essential role of coating failures in pipeline SCC including its initiation and propagation Both nearneutral pH and highpH SCC on pipelines are introduced  and correlations between the type and properties of coatings and their failure mec
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