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ISBN: 9781951030902 Géneros: Sinópsis: Photographic Memory Series Book 1Still wondering how some people can remember information in great detail In Photographic Memory you wont just learn about the concept of photographic memory but youll also discover the secret to expanding your retention capacity Learn more about how your memory works and what makes a person remember things clearlyIf you are one of those people who still memorize things through repeating them over and over until retained then its time to get rid of that old habit and discover a range of various memory tricks and techniques in this book Youll able to practice every technique through the exercises included in each methodTo have a glimpse of the important knowledge youll potentially learn once you read this book heres an overviewSimplified discussion on how the mind makes stores and remembers a memoryThe photographic memory and how it is different from eidetic memorySignificance of creative thinking and visualization as a platform to achieve extraordinary memoryHow peg systems work including the special systems that are specifically developed to memorize numbersTips and tricks to remember namesHow emotions can be used to easily remember informationHow to organize and visualize information through mind mappingThe concept of the palace method and how to construct your own memory palace to be able to store and retrieve information in an instantIts time to step up your memorization skill and discover the things you need to maximize and expand your retention capacity
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