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ISBN: 9780998842042 Géneros: Sinópsis: Stories experiences and advice from crazy brave fiercely resilient stereotypebusting insanely courageous relentlessly determined wildly successful women  Are you tired of others OVERjudging you Do men at work talk OVER you Are you OVERachieving and still being paid less than your male colleagues Were you passed OVER for a promotion or a plum assignment Is it hard for you to get OVER feelings of betrayal due to sabotage by a woman Do you struggle with OVERcommitment of your time and energy Are you so busy that you tend to unconsciously OVER isolate yourself from others  You are not alone  Theresa describes these experiences as OSyndrome and offers hope as she shares stories from badass women collabHERators who have OVERcome As a followup to the first in the seriesOSyndrome When Work is 247 and You39re Not this book gives voice to the her story experiences of women across racial and generational lines and offers up practical advice and tactics to help you overcome OSyndrome  Praise for the Book  What a gift Theresa gives usthe telling of shared experiences from wise and courageous sisters So many women will recognize themselves in these pages It39s from healing our most painful memories that we blossom into true selfactualized women The only antidote to OSyndrome is to be Omnipotent Now is our time to rise to our unlimited power Thank you Theresa for being the catalyst Shary Hauer Founder of The Hauer Group Executive Advisory and Coaching Firm and Author of Insatiable A Memoir of Love Addiction  WARNING Sentiments expressed in the book are often crass and not veiled in political correctness tactfulness civility or etiquette If you39re easily offended or blush at the mere suggestion of an offcolor thought or remark then this book is not for you If you39re quick to claim malebashing or discrimination move on The former is admittedly harsh while the latter is illegal If any of this applies to you stop
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overcoming gender inequity-9780998842042

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