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ISBN: 9781532695667 Géneros: Sinópsis: Everyone who has lost a beloved pet knows the deep grief and heartbreak a death can cause often raising questions about the meaning of such a loss whether there is an afterlife for pets and sometimes why God would take such a dear member of the family so soon This book is the story of a father and son Ed and Daniel whose pet Red died on Good Friday in the week Christians call Holy It shows how Reds death drew them even closer while also leading each of them into new awarenesses The timing of that death also raised serious questions for Ed a pastoral theologian which he had not faced before do animals have souls What sort of God is it that we Christians believe in What was one to learn from the synchronicity of Red dying on Good Friday As a result of his grief and the questions it raised Ed found himself being led to teaching new courses in ethics art and spirituality concerned with animals and a new field specifically called animal theology This memoir is written for those concerned with the death of their beloved pets It discusses practices and rituals helpful in dealing with grief which can contribute to healing
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