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One Love &ndash, A Contemporary Sweet RomanceIs it possible for a first love to have a second chance?&nbsp,Or is it better to discover a new path to love with a brilliant man who writes beautiful love poetry?Alison returns to Silverado Canyon for a brief visit with her friend, Sage, long after her traumatic breakup of &ldquo,the perfect relationship.&rdquo, But her heart is thrown into confusion when she encounters Anthony, her ex, with whom she&rsquo,s not had contact in years &ndash, he&rsquo,s kind, thoughtful, and attentive as never before. The one thing that has not changed is how incredibly gorgeous he is.However, the moment she&rsquo,s willing to relax the distance she&rsquo,s trying to keep from him, she overhears a conversation that destroys her tentative feelings. One mystery adds to another of that long ago time when her marriage unraveled, and now there&rsquo,s this dreadful secret she&rsquo,s overheard.To add muddle to mayhem, Alison runs into Evin, the friend who helped her through her trials with Anthony, while going through trials of his own. The rekindled friendship reveals a long-withheld proposal.Thrown into upheaval, Sage returns home to San Francisco to throw herself into her work, to cuddle with her cat, Miss Prissy, and to hang out with her best friend, Gregory&mdash,only to learn that Gregory, hearing the stories of the two Canyon Road suitors, is compelled to claim his love for her, as well.The mystery augments when a tiny, locked journal is discovered, with an even more shocking footnote to a time gone by. Alison faces several forks in the road &ndash, which one will her heart follow?_,
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