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ISBN: 9781999709761 Géneros: Sinópsis: One Hell of a Victim is an adventure story set in Northumberland and New England in 1998George Radman is a 55year old loner Very much a 39you leave me alone and I39ll leave you alone39 kind of man he lives in an isolated croft on a moor in Northumberland One night three men enter his croft uninvited looking for someone they39ve been chasing The next morning two gruesome murders are committed in the croft during Radman39s absence and he is accused of the crimes Radman is arrested and imprisoned He dreams of escape and contemplates suicide And then wholly without warning someone he doesn39t know breaks him out of custody and flies him to New England Within hours of his arrival in the United States two attempts are made to kidnap him The first fails the second succeeds He finds himself being interrogated by a religious sect who call themselves Abramites Marked for execution he is helped to escape by a firm of private detectives Radman agrees to assist the detectives with their investigation into the cult To that end they fly him home to Northumberland where the leader of the sect a man who calls himself Abraham Reborn is based Radman contacts Abraham and is manoeuvred by him into a final confrontation which turns out to be far more lethal than anyone could have imaginedIf you39d enjoy reading a story about the dark side of religious devotion and what happens when it comes up against a tough manofthemoors someone who asks only to be left in peace someone who is determined to shape his own destiny and has a temper to match this novel will provide a few hours of credible escapism
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