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ISBN: 9781532648861 Géneros: Sinópsis: One Day at a TIme provides an explicit view into my journey from obsession with lust addiction to pornography use and adultery to real emotional and spiritual healing Lust and the compulsive attitudes and actions it breeds is one of the most profound and taboo issues facing humanity today Most within the Church are too afraid to share their stories of struggle and redemption Unfortunately fear is born from shame which keeps those struggling isolated allowing for our obsessions and addictions to fester and destroy lives and families Through anecdotal advice scientific research and honest transparent and humble autobiography this book aims to bring awareness to the havoc lust pornography use and adultery are wreaking on society today Daniel Fick takes us on a raw honest and poignant journey into the effects of lust and pornography in his own life Its siren call Its soulcrushing power And its addictive chains More importantly he offers a clear and certain hope A way out And a way forward into healing and grace for all trapped by its seduction Chad Bird author of Your God Is Too Glorious Finding God in the Most Unexpected Places In this brave and honest book you will read about a marriage that didnt make it but a life that did Daniel Fick tells his story from the downward spiral to the crash and ultimately to recovery and redemption The words he shares are at the same time thoughtprovoking and yet deeply practical He has a way of communicating deep meaningful truth about neurochemistry brain science and human behavior in a manner that is both clear and compelling Daniel also helps unmask the deceptive power of escalating behavior in any life Nick Stumbo Executive Director Pure Desire Ministries International Daniel J Fick is a husband father writer student teacher and former pastor You can follow him on Twitter danieljfick or email him at aroadtootraveledgmailcom
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