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Nineteen and Mia begins where the story in The GREEN HOUSE near Loveville ends and carries it forward with the main characters Morgan, Christy, Catherine, Ray, Jamison and Robot 19. Excitement builds when Robot 19 gets captured on the California Coast by North Korean commandos. Concern increases when he is sent to North Korea for interrogation and exploratory disassembly. While detained Nineteen unintentionally kills a guard, escapes, and finds his way onto an old cargo ship bound for the Mediterranean Sea. Once his ship gets through the Suez Canal and ties up for major repairs and maintenance at a shipyard in Port Said, Nineteen gets off and finds employment with a circus and becomes its star performer earning enough money to build a super-charged hot air balloon and sets sail for North America hoping to warn Jamison at Robot Headquarters in Loveville of a Doomsday attack by the North Koreans. In route to North America, Nineteen receives communion from the Pope, meets Mia on a small island populated exclusively by women, commandeers a small jet in Gambino (formerly known as Cuba) to shorten the time needed to get to Robot Headquarters. Shortening the time didnt matter, however, because thirty ballistic missiles armed with nuclear warheads had already left their silos._,
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