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ISBN: 9781498286039 Géneros: Sinópsis: Jonathan Edwards 170358 ideas are among the most significant to the development of Reformed Theology in America However brief the life of his intellection tradition Edwards ideas and their reception remain an integral part of contemporary theological dialogue Hitherto no work has appeared that sheds as much systematic light on the reception of Edwards ideas than Maltby Gelstons 17661865 Systematic Collection of Questions and Answers in Divinity As a ministerial aspirant under the tutelage of Jonathan Edwards the younger Gelston received catechetical instruction through an exhaustive series of 313 questions tailor made by early New England theologians To this point researches have mused over the significance of these questions and what they tell us about the development of the New England theological tradition With the publication of this manuscript researchers may now for the first time muse over the significance of Gelstons answers Maltby Gelston is one of the most important New Divinity scholars about whom most have never heardprimarily because of his book of questions and answers in divinity written for Jonathan Edwards Jr his pastoral mentor This material published here for the very first time opens a whole new window onto the world of the Edwardseans reminding us of a time and place quite different from our own where the details of Christian doctrine were matters of life and death or in the words of Harriet Beecher Stowe all was profoundly real and vitala foundation on which actual life was based with intensest earnestness Douglas A Sweeney Trinity Evangelical Divinity School Robert L Boss is the Executive Director of JESocietyorg Joshua R Farris is Assistant Professor of Theology and Director of The Academy at Houston Baptist University He is also Henry Fellow at the Carl FH Henry Center The Creation Project S Mark Hamilton is coeditor of and contributor to several academic works He is a PhD candidat
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