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ISBN: 9780648540724 Géneros: Sinópsis: NeuroLinguistic Programming Are you struggling to find the light at the end of the tunnel Are you even aware that you can actually turn whatever negative thought you have in your mind to a positive one instead And better yet kill any bad thought that crosses your mind No matter what your thoughts are there is a way to change those thoughts for the better NLP explores the relationships between how we think neuro how we communicate linguistic and our patterns of behaviour and emotions programmes The idea is that by studying NLP people can adopt more successful ways of thinking communicating feeling and behaving On top of that NLP destroys any limiting belief you have making this a book for people who want to seek a happier healthier and more prosperous life or in 1 word SUCCESS  Here Is What You Will Learn About Analyze people by reading body language and nonverbal cues How you can use NLP for your personal professional and social life Why your subconscious mind is the most important aspect towards your emotional state The 13 NLP techniques you can use to overcome any thought and drive faster success The 9 secrets towards using NLP on yourself The 6 secrets towards using NLP on others 3 Facial expressions that give you an exact idea of how anyone is feeling Personal space ranges and what they really mean The 6 secrets to Feeling the way you want to about any situation The NLP 4 step formula to overcome procrastination and any negative belief The easy selfexplanatory trick to overcoming any fear or phobia 9 simple secrets to support positive thinking in any negative situation How your social group may influence you more than you think The 3step formula to maintaining a positive state for the rest of your life A done for you Exercise Work guide to create the positivity and success you’ve been looking for   Every successful person uses NLP and some don’t even realise it It is t
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