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ISBN: 9780648502104 Géneros: Sinópsis: Without stories our lives would be dry nonfictional decrepitudes dusty withered dataexistences subject to the changing whims of those who think they know and seldom do  In fact without stories there would be no life for even facts are a legend a tale For example inoculations cured some people from some diseases so there arose the fable that all inoculations cure all diseases despite the fact that some maim and kill people Another fable that masquerades as truth or fact is about fluoride Alcoa the largest aluminium manufacturer in the world was facing a 40 million law suit in 1939 for polluting the countryside with the most toxic element known to man … fluoride They defended that suit by establishing a scientific institute and quickly and magically discovered that fluoride was good for teeth Such is our desire to believe in stories we continue to tell the same old lie eighty years later Whether it’s about the world being flat the planets flying round the earth Jesus being a blonde paleface or global warming all facts are simply opinions something to be believed in long after they’re proven wrong Opinions are like bum holes – everyone has one and few are interested in yours Stories on the other hand are more honest than facts They admit quite blatantly that they’re a barefaced lie – a moving humorous or fascinating barefaced lie However they’re not totally honest for within every madeup fictional tale is an eternal truth that touches our hearts and minds – if they’re open to such truths – in ways that facpinions can’t for we’re what our hearts remember I challenge you to recall three salient facts from your least loved school subject while knowing you’ll have no trouble recalling a dozen stories or jokes from the same time The reality is that we’re storyremembering creatures and true or not we love to embrace caress and polish any story that comes our way There are the stories that
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