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Sinopsis de MY DEVIL
LaceEscaping my family to go it alone was a dream A dream that took twentysix years to fulfill Yet seconds to be shattered Thrown into a different Hell Caden Draycott is the Devil himself A beguiling killer Wrapped in a web of darkness The master of temptation pain wickedness and intense sin I submit but on my terms He believes he39s dragging me into hell but I39m already there My hell could be more destructive than his Time will tell…CadenRuthless Dangerous and captivating She is a skilled fighter who rides a Harley Rebelling at every turn Lace Baxter is my Angel My perfection… Luring her into my hell selfishly I take Nothing can save her soul from me And noone had better stand in my way or I promise the full fury of Hell will be unleashed
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Novela contemporánea

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