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ISBN: 9781642049060 Géneros: Sinópsis: From unstable beginnings Nakeisha Geddes faced the biggest disruption of her life when at an early age she moved to Canada from the island of Jamaica This experience proved to be the catalyst that would prepare her for a long and arduous journey Through many challenges she gained the strength to overcome the experiences she would face in lifeMy Crossroads is a Memoir about Nakeisha Geddes A woman whose life was shaped by unprecedented circumstances Today Nakeisha can say with assurance that she has now found inner joy peace love and freedom in an abundant way Despite having very little insight into what steps she needed to take with profound faith and perseverance she pressed on This is an illustrious portrait that reflects the journey each of us must take A story that lends encouragement to women who are at a point of decision in their life At the heart of this emotionally engaging memoir you will find an anthem of hope Regardless of what storms you may face with faith you can persevere My Crossroads will help readers understand that life is filled with unpredictable circumstances Readers will also understand the importance of embracing our future It is the wisdom we gain from our past that prepares us for our true purpose in life Nakeisha Geddes shows us that finding your purpose will bring the ultimate peace within No matter what obstacles stand in your way you can overcome every trial with confidence
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