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Sinopsis de MURDER BY LOVE
Following the end of a romantic relationship, Lace is miserable and without hope. Longing to love but unable to make love stay, he turns his back on the most important of human emotions. Little does he know that a dark spirit waits in the shadows, through Laces bitterness, the dark spirit finds power. Soon, it makes itself known to Lace, who is unable to reject the temptation. The spirits name is Gormant, and he makes Lace a tempting offer. Lace must die to make it happen, but Gormant claims death is the easy part. As a spirit, Lace will be given limitless power to seek revenge on his enemies and on the women who once broke his heart. Thirsty for payback, Lace agrees to Gormants terms, and the bloodbath begins. Only too late does Lace discover theres a human who truly loves him. By the time he learns of her feelings, though, Lace is too far under Gormants influence to escape. Servant must battle master in order to stop a murderous rampage that will threaten the woman Lace now loves. Lace thought his humanity was gone, but by clinging to the love of a living, breathing woman, his lingering human feelings might be his greatest weapon._,
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