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Sinopsis de MR JOLLY
Mr Jolly is the first collection of short stories by Michael Stewart, and contains some of the award-winning novelist�s most extraordinary writing to date. Each tale offers a unique, utterly compelling insight into the human condition, framed by a mind-bendingly original concept that no other writer working today could � or indeed would � have concocted. Readers will meet a conformity-obsessed league of bald men, breaking into homes for an extended debate about the nature of freedom, discuss the nomenclature of the marshmallow with a man whose interest in them goes beyond the norm, and meet God, in perhaps the most frustratingly accurate depiction of the divine being in modern literature. Last phone calls, alien abductions, murders and more are grounded in stories of struggling parents, baffled lovers and lost children (some of whom may live permanently on the number 606 bus). However long you live, and however much you read, you�ll never find another book quite like this._,
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