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Global business leaders looking for profitable growth and costeffective access to new markets will want to read Motoring Africa Local African business leaders looking to innovate and create new opportunities will want to read Motoring Africa Local African government leaders looking to encourage investment and create jobs will want to read Motoring Africa During China39s period of automotive industrialization from 1990 2015 the country went from building 500000 cars per year to over 25 million cars per year a 50times increase China39s GDP increased by 27times during this same time period Motoring Africa proposes that advancing valueadded manufacturing of complex products like automobiles in six of the fiftyfour African countries is a financially viable way to serve these markets while creating large numbers of opportunities for entrepreneurs investors and job seekers Industrialization creates the conditions for efficient and profitable local manufacturing Sustainable industrialization creates these conditions while maximizing the positive impact on the community and minimizing the negative impact on the environment Sustainably industrializing automobile production has a job creation multiplier effect given the 30000 complex parts that must each be designed engineered and manufactured by individual supplier companies in order to create an automobile Skills developed for the auto sector can be applied to other less complex consumer and industrial products Motoring Africa is a forwardlooking actionoriented book written from my perspective as an industry veteran It also draws on my handson work experiences in China India South Korea Mexico and Brazil I have had the opportunity to personally witness the positive transformational impact that industrialization has had on these emerging markets
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