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Discovering new models is a constant challenge, as well as a source of inspiration. This guide is about finding outstanding models, working well with them, and building long-term professional relationships.This book offers clear and effective techniques to approach women and recruit them as nude models. These proven methods, honed through years of interaction, have succeeded with hundreds of female models. Through understanding the right language, harnessing a variety of internet technologies, and discovering the art of professional relationship building, you can unlock your model-recruiting potential. Many photographers spend countless hours seeking advice on how to find quality nude models and how to direct them in the studio. Too many photographers make initial contact with a model, only to be frustrated when she never follows through by booking a shoot. This guide addresses finding models and building long-term working relationships. Finding and interacting with models is not as difficult as it may seem. Working with nudes can be easy. This book dispels common misconceptions and gets down to business with the plain facts.You will learn the demographic and personality profiles of which women are most likely to want to pose for you. You can stop wasting your time on candidates who will string you along without ever committing to a photo session. And you will learn what kind of release to use, when to present it, and how to explain it. A sample model release is included in the book._,
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