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Sinopsis de MINTY ALLEY
ISBN: 9781578060276 Géneros: Sinópsis: There is a strong belief among devotees of CLR James that it is not possible to have full comprehension of Caribbean literary art in English without first reading Minty Alley Although frequently reprinted in the United Kingdom Minty Alley at last reaches the United States In this groundbreaking novel James discerns new forms of society rooted in the oldest of desires and aspirations through the interactions of the characters of Maisie Haynes Mrs Rouse and Benoit In the everyday language and unforgettable dialogue James reveals new modes of human relationships Haynes a young middleclass lodger at No 2 Minty Alley becomes both confidant and judge as he examines the other inhabitants at this address From his experiences he is made aware of the educated West Indian39s impoverishing alienation from society39s mainstream Through Haynes39s vivid narration James reveals the rich cultural life on Minty Alley Haynes an outsider among people of lower class knows his fellow lodgers only as they have revealed themselves to him through their speech and actions yet each has a mysterious inner life
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