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We all wish we had more power. The power to turn back time to re-write history and make better decisions, but most importantly, the power to save a life. However, the dream of being someone&rsquo,s hero or even saving yourself from certain death or misfortune is a plight that no average person can seemingly muster. Many times we find ourselves saying, &ldquo,If I had only known, I would have done things differently.&rdquo, Where would the world be today if not only our hindsight was 20/20, but also our foresight?&nbsp, Amit Savjani, a professor of clinical laboratory science, discovers that he has a special gift. He can implant his own ideas and knowledge into the mind of strangers and even those from the past. Amit does not target just any one however. He seeks out pivotal and important people from history to impart knowledge of modern medicine and diagnostic techniques. Armed with this knowledge from the future, these individuals make life-altering decisions that change the course of not only American History, but that of the worlds&rsquo,. His intervention with fate forges new realities that not even he is prepared for. He soon learns that his actions are not without consequences._,
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