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ISBN: 9781950921096 Géneros: Sinópsis: Basic medical terminology reference guide to understanding key termsAre you faced with reading a complicated or unrecognizable medical term having the right resources is essential Medical terminology can be like learning to speak another languageAs you know healthcare is a rapidly evolving field and with every advancement the need to communicate concepts and ideas grows more and more essential Give yourself the vocabulary you need to thrive in this fast pace field with this comprehensive guide to medical terminology Wither your working or a student in the medical field you don’t have much time to refresh on basic medical terminology This book breaks down words into its simplest form to better understand all those confusing terms in a simple organized way My name is Darrell Connolly and after my secondyear nursing student I needed something to help me memorize medical terms so I created this on the quick and easy reference guide so I could quickly learn all the correct medical terms while on the go This essential reference book will help you develop your technical vocabulary within the field of medicine without requiring you to sacrifice hours of your time making flashcards Learn the essentials Practical ways of learning medical terminologies The number one Rule for prefixes roots vowels and more The most effective way to capture and convey written medical information The easiest and quickest way to pronounce even the most challenging of medical words The failsafe way to improve patient safety by avoiding errors And much more   Perfect for medical students nurses healthcare professionals and anyone who would like to improve their knowledge of medical terminology onthego Don’t waste any more time Order your copy today
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