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In the theme of recess where a treasure chest of balls ropes and toys would be kept for children to play with this book holds a deep and imaginative collection of fun mathematical ideas puzzles and problems Written for anyone interested in or actively engaged in schoolsparents teachers administrators school board membersMath Recess by Sunil Singh and Chris Brownell shows math as a playful fun and wonderfully human activity that everyone can enjoy… for a lifetime  Math Recess is a breathless rideKimberly MorrowLeong NCSM 2018 program chair author of Mathematize It I absolutely adore this book With clarity power and exuberance Chris and Sunil spell out and make concrete what it means to playJames Tanton PhD founder of the Global Math ProjectHere’s to the dabblers The tinkerers The fantasizers The curious ones who believe math education can and should be about play Here’s to the humanity of friendships that lead to mathematical love Sunil Singh and Christopher S Brownell are bold Go be bold with them All are welcomeMary Kemper president of the Texas Association of Supervisors of MathematicsThrough rich storytelling and powerful examples Singh and Brownell make the clear case for upending math education as we know it and replacing it with an ideology we can all embrace Mathematics is and can be deeply learned through playDenis Sheeran author Instant Relevance and Hacking Math Disruption begins with ‘Re’ Rather than trying to fix a broken system it is time to reimagine a new one and Math Recess completely satisfies my appetite for destructionBrian Aspinall educator author of Code Breaker and Block Breaker 
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