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ISBN: 9781420962956 Géneros: Sinópsis: One of the most famous of Honore de Balzac’s novels Lost Illusions paints a faithful picture of the spectacular but superficial world of mid19th century French society and the indissoluble relationship between the bourgeois and aristocratic classes Originally published serially from 1837 to 1843 the story features the main characters Lucien Chardon a vain and naive poet and journalist and his friend and brotherinlaw David Sechard an innovative hardworking young printer from the provincial Angouleme with aspirations to revolutionize the production of paper and provide for his new family The victim of a callous father and unscrupulous competitors David finds himself in constant turmoil from the reckless exploits and betrayals of his friend Lucien Lucien in contrast is full of grand dreams and aspirations and must leave for Paris as the result of a scandalous affair He seeks fame and fortune in the city as a poet while his impetuous actions wreak havoc for many at home Readers will be drawn to the intertwined stories of these two men in a novel that exemplifies the eternal battles of love ambition greed loyalty vanity and betrayal This edition is printed on premium acidfree paper and follows the translation of Ellen Marriage
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