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ISBN: 9780578475905 Géneros: Sinópsis: We’re taught that many of our deepestrooted patterns can only be managed not healed But what if there was another wayIn Deb Acker39s transformational and inspirational journey with deep truth raw vulnerability and a fresh rarely touched perspective she shares her journey to healing the pain loss and abandonment of her father leaving before age two and her mother passing at 17 and how these lifechanging events were the key to moremore meaning connection and life What if you never left yourself again loving yourself with a fierceness rarely known and not only knew that you could handle everything that came your way but it was for youThis book takes you on the adventure of a lifetime and walks you through how Deb fully forgave and transformed her painful past mixing in powerful tools and stories that will leave you looking at life in a way never thought of open like never before for nextlevel awakeningThrough this she holds the space that owning all parts of ourselves including our emotions is necessary for us to be seen loved and healed sharing the secret to a life that’s worth livingselflove selfworth and selfconnectionand that to have an authentic life we must first be authentic with ourselves then with the worldIn every great journey there comes a time when we must take that stand for ourselves to go higher and deeper than we’ve ever gone to change like we never have This is the book and the time is now
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