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Why do we bother to search? What is it that brings us to determine that our comfortable, more or less pleasant life is not adequate and that we need to look for something more? We can stay distracted from this discomfort for a long time, but it doesn&rsquo,t rid us of that lingering, nagging doubt about our lives. Digging deeper is the real cure. But how do we dig deeper? This small book is a treasure trove of practical wisdom. It is the result of several interviews with author and teacher of Indian philosophy, Scott Teitsworth. In these interviews, Teitsworth shares examples of digging deeper&mdash,the profound insights of Indian psychology and philosophy in language readily accessible to the modern seeker of truth. He emphasizes how to apply this ancient wisdom in a practical manner so that we might optimize our personal freedom, minimize the effects of stress and trauma, and release untapped creative abilities. It takes courage to relax our defense system and dig deeper. But if we don&rsquo,t, we are doomed to a mediocre and conflict-ridden life. But Scott&rsquo,s message is encouraging and inspiring
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