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ISBN: 9781532648267 Géneros: Sinópsis: Kierkegaard developed a distinctive type of sociology in the 1840sa theological sociology Looking at society through the lens of analysis categories such as worship sin and faith Kierkegaard developed a profoundly insightful way of understanding how for example the modern mass media works He gets right inside the urban world of Golden Age Denmark and its religion and analyses the present age of consumption comfort competition distraction and imageconstruction with astonishing depth To Kierkegaard worship centers all individuals and all societies hence his sociology is doxological This book argues that we also live in the present age Kierkegaard described and our way of life can be understood much better through Kierkegaards lens than through the methodologically materialist categories of classical sociology As social theory itself has moved beyond classical sociology the social sciences are increasingly open to postmethodologicallyatheist approaches to understanding what it means to be human beings living in social contexts The time is right to recover the theological resources of Christian faith in understanding the social world we live in The time has come to pick up where Kierkegaard left off and to start working towards a prophetic doxological sociology for our times Everyone supposedly knows that Kierkegaard was an individualist who had little understanding or appreciation of society This book completely undermines that myth by showing us how much Kierkegaard has to contribute to social theory The author also thereby helps us see that theology cannot only learn from sociology but has much to contribute to social theory in turn C Stephen Evans University Professor of Philosophy and Humanities Baylor University Tysons book reveals Kierkegaard at his most prophetic in the senses of being both subversiveconfronting how we have come to think of ourselves and societyand eerily prescient and timely Tyson argue
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