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ISBN: 9781949471762 Género: Sinópsis: lpglstronggThe DOG ON A LOG Book seriesl/strongglstrongg helps kids, including kids with dyslexia, learn to read. They are sound out books that start with just a few phonics rules.anbsp; Each following Step of books adds a few more phonics rules and sight words. This gradual progression helps kids learn to read without feeling so overwhelmed. The word list below will help you decide where in the series your child should start. For added practice, free printable game boards, flashcards, handwriting sheets, and more can be downloaded from (purple) Leta#39;s GO! books have less text for new or less confident readers. The (red) chapter books are longer for more reading practice. Kids enjoy these stories that get more complex and longer as more phonics are added throughout the series.l/pglpgBooks can be purchased individually or as collection volumes. This is an individualanbsp;volume of a Step 8 Chapter Book.l/pglpgAdditional information on using this series is available in the e-bookanbsp;lemgHOW TO USE DECODABLE BOOKS TO TEACH READING.anbsp;l/emgIt can also be read for free at ON A LOG Books follow a structured literacy/Orton Gillingham phonics progression.l/pglpglstronggDOG ON A LOG aquot;What Step Should We Start With?aquot; Word Listl/strongglbr /g Have your child read the following words. If they canarsquo;t read every word in a Step, that is probably the step they should start with. For some kids, you may want to start at an earlier Step so they can build confidence in their reading ability.l/pglpglstronggStep 1l/strongglbr /g fin, mash, sock, sub, cat, that, Danarsquo;sl/pglpglstronggStep 2l/strongglbr /g less, bats, tell, mall, chips, whiff, fallsl/pglpglstronggStep 3l/strongglbr /g bangs, dank, honk, pings, chunk, sink, gong, rungsl/pglpglstronggStep 4l/strongglbr /g silk, fluff, smash, krill, drop, slim, whiskl/pglpglstronggStep 5l/strongglbr
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Narrativa española

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