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ISBN: 9781925997330 Géneros: Sinópsis: The 1 Cookbook to Induce Ketosis Start Shedding SERIOUS Weight On The Ketosis Diet Get It TODAYFrom the best selling writer Sarah Talene comes Ketosis Cookbook 109 Ketogenic Diet Recipes That Confuse Your Body into BURNING Body Fat as Energy Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snack Recipes Included This book is the only cookbook you need if you39re on the ketogenic diet The recipes and foods were specially picked for serious fast weight lossIf you39re trying to lose weight but not sure what you can and can39t eatIf you are sick of seeing no results and want to lose massive amounts of weight on the ketogenic dietOr if you just want to eat the right foods so you can tone up and achieve your dream body once and for allTHEN THIS BOOK IS FOR YOUThis book provides you with 109 delicious and tasty ketogenic diet recipes that will help your body move into ketosis state faster than normalIncluded are breakfast lunch dinner AND delicious snack recipes Are you ready to look slimmer sexier and feel healthier than you have in years Then grab your cookbook today and start making food that will transform your body foreverIf you make and eat the foods in this cookbook you will… Get your body into a ketosis state faster than normal burning fat immediately Improve your body39s overall metabolic rate so you blast fat all day long Enjoy eating whilst on the ketogenic diet these foods are healthy and tasty Spend less time in the kitchen than ever before but still have even better meals
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