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Sinopsis de JUNK

A call was made for all brave men to liberate themselves from the shame &nbsp,of their genitalia. A call to break conformity rules and the stigma of the full frontal. A few good men heeded the call and joined in despite some fears to make a statement that there is no shame in the male nude body. Big and small they braved their trepidation of social norms, vulnerable before the lens. All volunteered to be a pat of this project. Some came for the curiosity of it, some for vanity and exhibition. Many came to liberate themselves because how often is one presented the opportunity? The shoots were very open to what the individual wanted as well as the photographer. It became a collaboration with each one, as it should when you are freeing yourself and free thinking. Some did come in nervous&nbsp,and a little scared but by the end everyone felt better about themselves. Together we give you a book to giggle and gawk at. We give you a peek in a window of what most believe to be taboo.&nbsp,&nbsp,We give you &quot,Junk&quot,, a symbol for male anatomical liberation. Dickiebot is a multimedia artist that specializes in photography, fine and graphic arts._,
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