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True health is not simply the absence of disease It is a state of being in which the miraculous physical and mental forces that make us human work together in proper balance True health allows us to be ourselves and live every day at our own personal best Achieving true health is a journeyunique to every individualHowever many of us do not feel the need to begin this journey until we experience symptoms such as pain or dysfunction that interfere with our quality of life The disruption of our health becomes something that needs to be fixed So we visit our doctors in the hope of finding relief Traditional mainstream medicine while immensely helpful in combatting disease and medical conditions neglects the deeper concept of true health by treating the condition and its symptoms not the total individual Under our present system doctors simply do not have the time to evaluate the overall health of their patients Therefore they are forced to focus on the specific symptom or condition instead of trying to find the underlying source of the problem and treating it with an appropriate therapy to heal the entire bodyThe fundamental weakness in this approach is that it doesn’t help the patient achieve true health It applies general therapeutic procedures proven to address the condition not the person Often what might be an effective treatment for one person might not prove as effective for another with the same condition because of their unique physiology and circumstances Many patients might get temporary relief but the underlying imbalance in their system tends to resurface in the future As a result too many people end the journey to healing before it has truly begun and never achieve optimal and lasting healthApplied Kinesiology AK follows a different model It is the science of healing the total person and supporting his or her true health through the study of movement and integral muscle function Patients often visit an AK specialist after they have run the gamut of trad
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