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Dark days are loomingHuman behavior will be adversely influenced unless the Lower Middle can prevent it The Higher Middle with its dark menacing leader is growing in power while Jon still doubts his own true purpose He becomes more and more distant as all the women close to him die filling him with more doubt remorse and uncertaintyThe Higher Middle must be defeated if the balance between good and evil is to be maintained but the Lower Middle’s numbers are dwindling and they desperately need Jon who has disappearedTo fulfil her ultimate goal in securing victory Zelphur is putting the final touches on her master plan Her people are in place she has unlimited resources at her disposal and she is wielding her power recklessly Only the Lower Middle is standing in her way and they are proving difficult to track down and trap even when located by her networkOnly a final facetoface battle will decide the outcome so Zelphur set her traps for Jon’s remaining group which they deliberately walk into Desperate times called for desperate measures and all defenders are needed Will Jon show up to helpThis final novel in a science fiction trilogy is based on historical factsAbout the AuthorDavid Higgins grew up and worked in London for the UK’s Ministry of Defense has lived in Germany and Saudi Arabia and now works as director of compliance for an eye care company in Texas Holding a master’s degree in health economics he will shortly retire to France
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