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ISBN: 9781951266653 Género: Sinópsis: lpglstronggAre you having a hard time landing your dream job? Do your exceptional and hire-worthy qualities constantly go unnoticed? Then you need to keep reading…l/strongglbr /g lbr /g The job-hunting landscape has shifted drastically over the last decade. Transparency has become vital, self-marketing has become key, and technology now plays a powerful and unavoidable role. In todayarsquo;s job market, it takes a lot to stand out. Great interview skills and negotiation tactics are just the beginning of a very long list. Youarsquo;ll need to master what your competitors are doing andash; and let me tell you, they are playing a strong game.lbr /g lbr /g lugIn this book, youarsquo;ll discover:l/uglbr /g anbsp;l/pg lulg lliglpglstronggExpert tips for standing out in a highly competitive market. (Follow this groundbreaking advice and employers will immediately start recognizing what makes you unique!)l/stronggl/pgl/lig lliglpgThe ten most important job interview questions you MUST know how to answer.l/pgl/lig lliglpgSmart strategies for successful self-marketing.l/pgl/lig lliglpgHow to create an irresistible online portfolio that gets you hired.l/pgl/lig lliglpgThe EXACT formula to succeed at networking if youarsquo;re an introvert.l/pgl/lig lliglpgSeven crucial techniques for negotiating the salary you desire.l/pgl/lig lliglpglstronggFour little-known ways that youarsquo;re sabotaging your job search. (Stop yourself from making these mistakes and youarsquo;ll see INSTANT results!)l/stronggl/pgl/lig l/ulg lpglbr /g lemgAnd much, much more…l/emglbr /g lbr /g Even if youa#39;ve never had a job before or feel utterly hopeless about transitioning into your ideal career, the extensive research behind this guide will help you cultivate networking skills, defeat self-sabotaging habits, and identify the next steps on the path to your dream career.lbr /g lbr /g By relying on the expert knowledge inanbsp;Job research, youars
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