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ISBN: 9781532673412 Géneros: Sinópsis: This book will guide the reader through a variety of passages of Scripture recorded in the Gospel of Luke that placed Jesus at the dinner table The stories represented in the passages of Scripture demonstrate a number of situations into which Jesus was either thrust or into which he placed himself My desire with this book is to encourage the reader to come back to what is importantthe tablebut more crucially to recognize the importance of engaging people around a proverbial table with whom you may not normally associate The purpose of this book is to challenge your thinking as a believer regarding peoples needs and how you might meet them and to challenge your view of contemporary Christianity and the hypocrisy with which we are so often accused Finally I hope to make Jesuss table talk a welcome part of your faith and life as a believer Dr Townsend has the unique proficiency of taking ancient truths and translating them into twentyfirstcentury realities The urgency to take back relational dinner conversations has never been greater Mother Teresa said If you want to change the world go home and love your family Seize the day grab your copy today and invite Jesus back into your table talk discussions Brad Rosenberg Board Chairman Convoy of Hope Dr Scott Townsend combines some of my favorite ingredients Jesus food and reaching lost people If you have a taste for any of the above then youll be sure to glean from the insights in this book Oh and while youre reaching you can plan your next cookout and which farfromGod friends you can invite Douglas Witherup Lead Pastor cfa church and author of Interrobang Preaching This book is an insightful look into how our cultural lens affects our interpretation of Scripture Scott does a great job at opening the Western eye to seeing Christ and his actions as they were intended This is never easy and crossing cultures makes it even more challenging Scotts book is a must read
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