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So You39ve selfpublishedYou39ve written some books but they39re not selling as well as you hopedOr maybe you sold well in the beginning but your sales have slipped and you don39t know what to do You39ve tried advertising but you don39t think you39re very good at it Or maybe your books just suck Or maybe the algorithms hate you or it39s because some troll gave you a onestar reviewAt any rate you39re strugglingYou39re too busy doing stuff that probably doesn39t matter but you can39t see what or how to cutThis book is for youIndie Writer Unboxed follows four hypothetical writers from the same online writing community on their journey with challenges they face and steps they take to overcome themAs reader with some selfpublishing experience you39re sure to find something in common with one of them Tom the semiretired chemist who looks after his ill wife Jack who has lots of small dabbles at many different things including having sold some books to a traditional press Emily who writes lots and lots of books but feels burnt out and Lucy a stayathome mother with a husband who really doesn39t get her desire to writeThis is not a howto book and it39s not a book that shows you how to or claims that you will surely make squillions It39s a book about the range of realities that the vast majority of writers will find themselves in after the initial glow of publishing has worn offIt39s a book about how to adapt how to change your mindset and how to be happy
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Novela contemporánea

Narrativa española

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