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Impolite Stories is Ronald W. Hull’,s third book of short stories following It’,s in the Water and Other Stories and Verge of Apocalypse Tales, and is a collection of 18 stories written from 2013 through 2017. The stories are rather eclectic in nature including science fiction, satire, drama, religion, sex and politics. Many came from dreams. Some of them have a decided twist at the end and hopefully, some of them provide a lesson to be learned. Every effort has been made to make them entertaining to read. Some of the subjects could cause arguments in polite settings.Hitch Bitch — &ldquo,Mesmerizing tale! Told with skill and panache about a subject and a time I know well. And what a surprise ending! This is Ron Hull at his best, a story-teller extraordinaire.&rdquo,– Edward Phillips, author of The New American Challenge, many economic articles, stories and poetry.Brain Dead — &ldquo,Sometimes I&rsquo,m blessed to read a piece of work, which on the face of it I cannot relate to, but by the end thought it had happened to me. So simply told, so elegant, intoxicating. I learned about the art of writing.&rdquo, — Harry Hogg, author of short stories.&nbsp,_,
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